onsdag 25. juni 2008

Ships to England

Today I will take you to England again. The two postcards shows the same place,but two different ship's. The place is Tynemouth outside Newcastle, north of England. The ship's was both travelling from Bergen (in Norway) to Newcastle. The route is 130 years old (!), but this year its coming to an end, in my opinion a tragedy. The two last cards shows the ships «Jupiter» and «Venus», and the third one shows the ship that sail today «Queen of Scandinavia».

fredag 20. juni 2008

Australia - and sheep....

This time I will travel a long way on my postcardtrip, I will go to Australia. I have never been there myself but I bought the postcards on a postcardshow in London England some years ago. The first card show old times «taxi/bus» before the car was rolling on the roads. The name of the company is «Cobbs & Co», anyone out in the internetworld know anything about it – let me know.

The second card shows sheeps that is been classified before they are cutting their wool. I dont know about Australia and sheeps, but I have heard that New Zealand has more sheeps than people (!) thats kind of amusing thought.

lørdag 14. juni 2008

Postcards from Denmark.

This time I will show you two postcards from Denmark, the beautiful country south of Norway. Its the number one vacationcountry for Norwegians.

The first postcard shows a drawing of different old buildings in Copenhagen (København) one of the most beautiful capitals in the world (-in my opinion). Copenhagen have the longest pedestrianstreet in the world, and that is a shoppingheaven (for those who is shopaholics).

The second postcard shows Helsingør, a small city outside Copenhagen. It's well known for the ferry to Helsingborg in Sweden. It's also known for the play Hamlet written by William Shakespeare, which takes place on the castle Kronborg, which you can see on this postcard.