mandag 20. april 2009

Old postcards from Norway..

Today’s two old postcards shows the different landscapes of the western part of Norway. The first card is from an island called Herdla a part of the community where I live - Askøy. Under the 2nd world war most of the island was an airbase and airport for the Germans (!) After the war it could have been the new airport of Bergen but other location was found. Today most of the island is a golfcourse (!!)

The second card is from the road up to the mountain plateau Hardangervidda. The text on the card says: The new road to Måbødalen. The road was new when the card was published, but later they did build a safer and improved road so if you are heading this way with car you mostly drive in tunnels.

onsdag 8. april 2009

Spring is here..

It's easter - and spring is on the way. The weather here is beautiful today, and when I look out the window from my livingroom I can see some daffodils, yes spring is here.

he first card is easter related, as many goes to church in the easter, this chuch is one of many old churches in Norway. Tromsø is in the northern parts of Norway, and are called “The Nordic Paris”

he second card is spring related, it shows a tulipfield in Holland, its an old panting, the painter is unknown to me. With these two cards I wish you all a Happy Easter

fredag 3. april 2009

Summer in Sweden..

Today I will show you some of the beauty of Sweden, -in the summertime. The first cards is from the coastline of sweden in the evening when the sun is going down. Let’s hope this summer will turn out to be like the postcard. The second card shows part of the “Gøta Kanal” which is an inland waterway from Gothenburg (Gøteborg) to Stockholm. Now the summer can come - also in Norway…