mandag 10. november 2008

Ships again,,,

As you all may have noticed I do like boats/ships – and to travel on them. This time I have travelled on the Oslo – Kiel (Germany) route. The route have been quite popular for many years, and the two postcards shows the development of the ships from the 70s till today.

The first card shows «Kronprins Harald» who was build in Germany in 1975 and could carry about 1000 passengers. This ship sailed on this route until 1987, when the ship was sold to a company on Nassau Bahamas. The next ship was a new «Kronprins Harald» which sailed until 2007, when it was sold to an Irish company owned by a company in Nassau (!). In 2004 the ship on the second card - «Color Fantasy» - started sailing.

This was the ship I travelled on one months ago. It was quite an experience like beeing on a cruise ship, with several restaurants, bars, an English pub, a showtheatre, many shops and much more. The ship could accomodate 2700 passengers and they had lots of space. I did really fall in love with that ship, so this was not the last trip with «Color Fantasy».

onsdag 17. september 2008

Postcards from Norway..

The first postcard I show today is from the district «Hardanger» in the western part of Norway. Its famous for tourism, apples and its fjord "Hardangerfjord". The postcard shows a girl in this district's typical national custome, beside the appletrees in full blossom. But «Hardanger» is loosing inhabitants because its lack of work, the young people wants to live in city's so they move out. They can't all live of tourism and apples!

The second postcard shows the bridge between «Haugesund» and the island «Karmøy», also in the western part of Norway. On the island is a place called «Visnes», where it was a coppermine which was one of the biggest in Europe. They produced the copper that was used to make the statue of the Liberty in New York. The island was also famous for many fishermen and fishing boats, but that was some time ago.

tirsdag 26. august 2008

Postcards from Copenhagen...

This time I will show two postcards from Copenhagen (København) which I shall visit in the beginning of september. I have loved that city from the first trip I have had to Copenhagen – when I was about 7 years old. I shall stay close to «Tivoli» which the first postcard is from. Tivoli is the most visited sight in Denmark, the postcard shows the concert hall and some of the beautiful garden. In the concerthall many famous artists had performances, one of them was Victor Borge, which many of you I believe has heard of.

The second card shows an outdoor area called Nyhavn, which has a lot of restaurants and lots of «local atmosphere» which the Danes are famous for. I'm exited to go to Copenhagen again, its the closest we Norwegian is to a «world city».

søndag 13. juli 2008

Humour from England..

Today's postcards is about humour in England. The first postcard shows a scene from the popular TV series «Fawlty Towers» with John Cleese in the leading role. I believe this series was popular all over the world, much because of Cleese and his «spanish» waiter Manuel – which was famous for this saying: «I know nothing, I'm from Barcelona»

The second card shows a typical scene from a country pub in England. Even if this is a humour card I belive this scene take place in many pubs around in England. I do like english pubs especially when I can have a «bitter» and «fish and chips», and there is musical entertainment.

onsdag 25. juni 2008

Ships to England

Today I will take you to England again. The two postcards shows the same place,but two different ship's. The place is Tynemouth outside Newcastle, north of England. The ship's was both travelling from Bergen (in Norway) to Newcastle. The route is 130 years old (!), but this year its coming to an end, in my opinion a tragedy. The two last cards shows the ships «Jupiter» and «Venus», and the third one shows the ship that sail today «Queen of Scandinavia».

fredag 20. juni 2008

Australia - and sheep....

This time I will travel a long way on my postcardtrip, I will go to Australia. I have never been there myself but I bought the postcards on a postcardshow in London England some years ago. The first card show old times «taxi/bus» before the car was rolling on the roads. The name of the company is «Cobbs & Co», anyone out in the internetworld know anything about it – let me know.

The second card shows sheeps that is been classified before they are cutting their wool. I dont know about Australia and sheeps, but I have heard that New Zealand has more sheeps than people (!) thats kind of amusing thought.

lørdag 14. juni 2008

Postcards from Denmark.

This time I will show you two postcards from Denmark, the beautiful country south of Norway. Its the number one vacationcountry for Norwegians.

The first postcard shows a drawing of different old buildings in Copenhagen (København) one of the most beautiful capitals in the world (-in my opinion). Copenhagen have the longest pedestrianstreet in the world, and that is a shoppingheaven (for those who is shopaholics).

The second postcard shows Helsingør, a small city outside Copenhagen. It's well known for the ferry to Helsingborg in Sweden. It's also known for the play Hamlet written by William Shakespeare, which takes place on the castle Kronborg, which you can see on this postcard.

søndag 11. mai 2008

Stamp on postcard (maxicard)...

It's been a while since I did post here. I have not been well, but now I'm better. I have some heart trouble and kidney failure, so now you know. As this blog is about postcard I'll switch to that.

The first card show a phenomen from northern Norway called midnight sun, I'ts from the summertime when the sun is shining all day and night. I have not experienced this myself, but I have seen the opposite "phenomen" - darkness all day and night, which is in the wintertime of course.

The second card is from the WC of ski in Oslo in 1982. The picture is "slightly" older I think. I'm looking forward to 2011 when Oslo is host again. I don't ski myself, so I shall not participate (!)

lørdag 8. mars 2008

Canadian native art 2...

The two postcard I will show today is part 2 of the native art from Canadian artists – thanks to JMB – and eagles are the motives. Eagles are great animals, which USA shows with the symbol «American Eagle». The eagle is also much liked in Canada and Norway, but sad enough this bird is becoming fewer and fewer in the nature.

søndag 24. februar 2008

Canadian native art

These postcards are fresh from the postoffice yesterday. Thanks "JMB" for these lovely cards you did sent me. Native art is new to me so now I have to make a new collector field. There is more to come so look out on this blog.

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søndag 10. februar 2008

Movieposters on postcard...

It's been a while since I have blogged, so its time to do it. First of all I will congratulate a friend of mine (and many bloggers around the globe!) "JMB" from Canada, with 1 year of blogging. It's always interesting to read the blog, so I hope you will blog many years to come.

This post is my 40th so I have a little jubilee too....!!, and this is my first post on my new laptop, which is an Acer with 2 gb memory and 250 gb harddisk.

Todays postcards shows two differents movies. The first one Blues Brothers is full of great music mostly blues and great humour too, so if you like music and comedy I can recomend this movie. The second card is another type of movie. I haven't seen it myself so I had to go Wikipedia for help(!): " The film stars Harry Dean Stanton as Travis, an amnesiac who has been lost for four years and is taken in by his brother (played by Dean Stockwell). He later tries to put his life back together and understand what happened between him, his wife Jane (Nastassja Kinski), and his son Hunter (Hunter Carson)."

mandag 21. januar 2008

A summervacation to remember....

I’m still in England – with my postcards ! This time I’m in a coastal city called Hastings, which I had the pleasure to visit some years ago. We were 4 adults and 2 children who rented a house (!) and stayed here for 2 weeks. The house was on a hill above Hastings so we had a beautiful view of the city and the ocean. When we was tired of staying in the beautiful garden by our own swimmingpool and a fishpond (!) we did go down to the city and visited a pub with the name “Ye olde pump house”, and yes it was old. The pub was in the old part of the city, with very narrow streets with lots of antiqueshops and booksellers – and postcardshops which I did buy these postcards. One of the holidays I will remember as one of the best.

mandag 7. januar 2008

Happy New Year, at last....

Ill start the new year with two old postcards from England, which I dont know anything about. If there is anybody that can tell me about the postcards, please do.
Anyhow have a happy new year everybody.