mandag 24. desember 2007

Christmas greeting to you all..

This christmascard shows the christmastree on Trafalgar Square in London, which is a thank you from Norway for all the help from the English people in the 2nd world war. The christmastree has been given from Oslo city since 1946.

I wish you all a Happy Christmas and thanks for all your comments and for looking at my blog.

tirsdag 11. desember 2007

Music on postcard...

Here is two postcards with music on..... Well, anyway they show music themes on cards. The first one is from a jazzfestival in Germany. Its almost art, could been on an artmuseum, I think its a wonderful composition, and maybe the music is also.. The second card is a almost art (!), it shows Mona Lisa as Frank Zappa. As many knows Mona Lisa is one of the most famous artpieces which is in Louvre in Paris. Frank Zappa has created much art in his music. so the conclusion must be - music is art....

mandag 3. desember 2007


Today I will show you the joy of going to sea. The first postcard is of a canalboat on a canal in England. I have never tried this before, but it seems very interesting thing to do on a holiday – in the summertime. When I was in Oxford I did walk besides a canal and did admire the boats passing by. I could walk besides them as they sailed, so it’s a stressfree and slow kind of holiday. Here is a link for you to read.

The second postcard today shows the famous “Hurtigruten”, its a trip from Bergen up to Kirkenes by the Russian border. The duration of the voyage take 6 days up on the coast, and 5 days back again. I did take the 11 days trip, and I can understand why the “Hurtigruten” is so popular. I did make the trip in the wintertime and did celebrate christmas and new years eve onboard. Most people do travel in summertime, and explore the midnight sun, but a voyage in the winter is also fascinating, a bit cold temperature perhaps, but the Norwegian coast is something all year round.