mandag 19. november 2007

Those were the days...

Today we are back in Norway and Bergen, and the postcards shows the harbour and ships in the old days. At the time these pictures shows there was no planes and little roads and cars, so the sea was the option. On the first picture you can see the crowds that is travelling home from the city to the country (Sogn). Today many people still use the boat, but you have the option to fly or take the bus, that in many cases is a faster way to travel

On the other cards you see boats that was going to communities around Bergen, also to Askøy where I live. In those days it could to take hours to get there, today it take 20 minutes on motorways. On of these boats called “Alfen” that did go from Bergen to Askøy is today a restaurantship in Oslo, and many other of these boats are being restored to be still in use in the summer as tourist-attractions.

tirsdag 6. november 2007

Paris - city of lights...

Today I’m taking a trip to France and Paris. “The city of lights” as it is called is a very popular city to visit, and I have been here two times, and I love this city. Both trips I came by plane to Charles de Gaulle airport – the ugliest airport I’ve been to (see the picture)! But the airport was to get in and out of France and Paris so I did survive the ugliness….

The first postcards shows the church “Notre Dame” which is on an little island in the Seine called “Ile de la site”. The construction began in 1163 and the church was completed in 1345. The church is roman-catholic and the foundation stone was layed by Pope Alexander III.

The second card shows a book/picture boot by the Seine. This is very popular by the tourists to shop “touristlike” souvenirs, but to buy more authentic books you have to go elsewhere. The river Seine is much used waterway in Paris, and when you are tired of walking the streets of Paris its very relaxing to get on a boat and sail the Seine. In the evening you can sail the Seine and have a dinner on the river on the same time. “Merci et la bonne nuit”

fredag 2. november 2007

Stamps on postcard

The postcards I will show you today is of Norwegian stamps. The first card shows the stamps of 1992, which was 2 years before the winter Olympics in Lillehammer – which you can see on 2 of the stamps. I don’t collect stamps, but I collect postcards with stamps (!).

The next cards shows the Olympic stamps for the Lillehammer games. Its something special for a city and a country to host the Olympic games. Next year Beijing and China will host the summer games, I must admit I have mixed feelings for that… In 2010 the Olympic winter games will be in Vancouver in Canada, and that I’m looking forward to.