mandag 10. november 2008

Ships again,,,

As you all may have noticed I do like boats/ships – and to travel on them. This time I have travelled on the Oslo – Kiel (Germany) route. The route have been quite popular for many years, and the two postcards shows the development of the ships from the 70s till today.

The first card shows «Kronprins Harald» who was build in Germany in 1975 and could carry about 1000 passengers. This ship sailed on this route until 1987, when the ship was sold to a company on Nassau Bahamas. The next ship was a new «Kronprins Harald» which sailed until 2007, when it was sold to an Irish company owned by a company in Nassau (!). In 2004 the ship on the second card - «Color Fantasy» - started sailing.

This was the ship I travelled on one months ago. It was quite an experience like beeing on a cruise ship, with several restaurants, bars, an English pub, a showtheatre, many shops and much more. The ship could accomodate 2700 passengers and they had lots of space. I did really fall in love with that ship, so this was not the last trip with «Color Fantasy».