onsdag 17. september 2008

Postcards from Norway..

The first postcard I show today is from the district «Hardanger» in the western part of Norway. Its famous for tourism, apples and its fjord "Hardangerfjord". The postcard shows a girl in this district's typical national custome, beside the appletrees in full blossom. But «Hardanger» is loosing inhabitants because its lack of work, the young people wants to live in city's so they move out. They can't all live of tourism and apples!

The second postcard shows the bridge between «Haugesund» and the island «Karmøy», also in the western part of Norway. On the island is a place called «Visnes», where it was a coppermine which was one of the biggest in Europe. They produced the copper that was used to make the statue of the Liberty in New York. The island was also famous for many fishermen and fishing boats, but that was some time ago.