fredag 2. november 2007

Stamps on postcard

The postcards I will show you today is of Norwegian stamps. The first card shows the stamps of 1992, which was 2 years before the winter Olympics in Lillehammer – which you can see on 2 of the stamps. I don’t collect stamps, but I collect postcards with stamps (!).

The next cards shows the Olympic stamps for the Lillehammer games. Its something special for a city and a country to host the Olympic games. Next year Beijing and China will host the summer games, I must admit I have mixed feelings for that… In 2010 the Olympic winter games will be in Vancouver in Canada, and that I’m looking forward to.

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jmb sa...

These are very beautiful cards, the stamps are very colourful indeed.
Every time I go to my gym at the university I see the progress on the skating arena for the 2010 Olympics,which is right next door. It's for the ice hockey I believe with the ice skating elsewhere.
The skiing and snow related events will be a Whistler which is two hours away from Vancouver and a truly beautiful spot.