onsdag 24. oktober 2007

Bergen harbour in the old times...

Here we have two postcards that shows the harbour in Bergen from two different sides. The first one is from the “Fishmarket” which was more popular in the older times than it’s today. In the old days fishermen sold their fish from the boats, which the postcard shows. Today its boats in the inner harbour too, but its more cabincruiser’s and leisure boats.

The second card shows some of the harbour from the seaside, and this painting is from much older times than the first postcard. In the background you see two of Bergen’s mountains “Fløyen” and “Ulriken” which is very popular recreation areas for the people in Bergen and the tourists that visit the city. The harbour was and is very important for trade and visiting cruise ships.

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jmb sa...

The first postcard looks like a black and white photo which has been coloured.
How high are the mountains near Bergen? In Vancouver the mountains rise out of the harbour too. They are between around 1200 to 1600 metres.