onsdag 10. oktober 2007

Englands charm...

Todays postcards are also from England. Should I move to another country it has to be England, and these two cards shows why… Where these two cottages are located its not indicated on the cards, but it can be anywhere in the countryside of England. These types of houses you can see everywhere in England and that’s what make this island so charming. Its only one fault with England – and that the cars has to drive on the WRONG side of the road

2 kommentarer:

jmb sa...

These are lovely postcards of cottages in England, Helge. Don't you love the thatched roofs?
One other problem is the climate is not great. Another is the high cost of living.
But I did enjoy the almost two years that I lived there.

Annamanila sa...

Quaint rural English cottages! Lovely. I am not surprised its your country of choice to settle down, next to your own. I visited England and Scotland in the 1980s. Was there during The Wedding. :)