onsdag 3. oktober 2007

Oxford and Cambridge

Today I’ll take the the trip over the NorthSea to England. These two postcards of Cambridge and Oxford is replicas of advertisingcards that shows some of the beauty of England. These two cities has the most famous universities in the world, and amongst many known people who has attended is Bill Clinton who did go to a university in Oxford in his younger days.

I have been to Cambridge ones, but Oxford many times. London is the number 1 city in England but Oxford is a very good number 2. If you have seen “Inspector Morse” on TV you have seen the beauty of the city and the surroundings. If you are going to England you MUST visit Oxford, you will fall in love right away…

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jmb sa...

I have been to Oxford and Cambridge too for I lived in London for almost two years, 1960-1.
I loved both spots.