onsdag 26. september 2007

Welcome from Askøy - and Bergen..

This will be my first blog in English, if you spot some language error – feel free to comment that. Over to the postcards which today will be from Askøy and Bergen. The first one from Askøy shows different part of this beautiful island I live on. It’s one of the biggest growing community in Norway (nearly 24000 inhabitants), and they think it will raise to 40000 in the future. Then much of the nice nature will be gone…

Bergen the second largest city in Norway (250000 inhabitants) is surrounded by 7 mountains (!), and this postcard shows the “railway” up to the most visited one Fløyen. From there you have the most spectacular view of the city and the surroundings amongst them Askøy. I remember in the days when I was young and fit, I did walk up to the top and back downhill – those were the days…..

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jmb sa...

Helge, congratulations on your first full post in English. I was so surprised when I came today.
Do not worry about your language skills for the most important thing is communication and I am sure you visitors will be forgiving of any slight error. I think your English is excellent. Most English speakers do not speak another language so well. Also you live in a very beautiful part of the world which we are all happy to see via your postcards.