mandag 3. desember 2007


Today I will show you the joy of going to sea. The first postcard is of a canalboat on a canal in England. I have never tried this before, but it seems very interesting thing to do on a holiday – in the summertime. When I was in Oxford I did walk besides a canal and did admire the boats passing by. I could walk besides them as they sailed, so it’s a stressfree and slow kind of holiday. Here is a link for you to read.

The second postcard today shows the famous “Hurtigruten”, its a trip from Bergen up to Kirkenes by the Russian border. The duration of the voyage take 6 days up on the coast, and 5 days back again. I did take the 11 days trip, and I can understand why the “Hurtigruten” is so popular. I did make the trip in the wintertime and did celebrate christmas and new years eve onboard. Most people do travel in summertime, and explore the midnight sun, but a voyage in the winter is also fascinating, a bit cold temperature perhaps, but the Norwegian coast is something all year round.