tirsdag 10. november 2009

I'm back...

I'm back.. to quote a known actor and Californian guvernor ! I hope to blog more often in the future, so i hope you will comment what I will publish.

Some days ago I came back from a trip on the coast of Norway on the nice ship «Finnmarken» from the company «Hurtigruten». The tour took 12 days and I came to see most of the coastline of Norway together with people from USA, England, Germany, Holland.. and some Norwegians (!)

The first card is from the city Svolvær from the part of Norway called Lofoten. The card shows the ship I was on and the phenomen of the sky called «Northern Light or Aurora Borealis». You can see this in wintertime in the Northern part of Norway, and as you can see its spectacular.

The second card shows the city of Tromsø, also called «the Nordic Paris». Its the largest city of Northern Norway, and also one of the pretties.. I think.

6 kommentarer:

jmb sa...

Welcome back Helge. You have been absent for quite a while.

Those are lovely postcards and you trip must have been wonderful but chilly.

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